Ygdrassil's Retreat

This ancient temple is devoted to the tree Ygdrassil. In the middle of this shimmering temple's walls you can find the shrine of Ygdrassil. The whole structure seems to be frozen in time, and nature has started taking over it's walls.

This temple is a mostly scenic structure, it does not have any practical use (but you can give it a practical use yourself). It looks good, and it's designed to look good by me, and me alone.
Slightly inspired by old european architecture, and a little b

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Dystopia - inspired by Gotham City

Hi, Ive been working on this city for a while now. Would love to get some feedback.

Its inspired by Escher, Art Deco, steampunk and Gotham City. Think the futuristic vision people had in the fourties. Huge skyscrapers, lots of zeppelins and flying cars, etc etc..

Most of these skyscrapers have floors but are empty so if you feel up for the challenge and feel youre any good at interiors, Im all ears!


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Dark Oak Stone Brick Mansion

Hello, It's been a few months, but here is my latest creation.
this was build in version 1.8 and I have MrCrayfish Furniture mod installed. Like with ALL my builds, don't forget to turn FIRE TICK OFF before you place this build in your MC world.

PS I am now on Twitch, I did a live stream on Twitch of me building this house, I think the archive will be available for 30 days. If you would like to watch the next build you can find me on Twitch at QuartzBuilderOneMC.


[img width=640 height=371]

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General Account Help

Hello everyone, this is going to be a thread where if you have any questions  about your accounts, you can ask them here.

Examples of things I can do:
  • Account Deletion
  • Account reclamation (can't log into your account)
  • Account activation
Account deletion is simple; just post here that you want your account deleted and the process will begin :)

For account reclamation I need the account you're trying to access (username and or Email) along with a current email I can send proof of ownership questions. If you're correct for the questions I'll reassign a password and the email to the email you gave me. If not then you'll have to make a new account sorry :/

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

I am building Sydney Harbour in Minecraft and will be posting various buildings and things from it here over the next few months.
To kick it off Here is a replica of the Sydney harbour bridge, its pretty big (50W x 494L x 114H) roughly full scale.

This is the Bridge in it's native habitat

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Quartz Temple House with 2 Large Fountains

Quartz Temple House with 2 Large Fountains

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Netherbrick Spruce House with 4 Fountains

Netherbrick Spruce House with 4 Fountains

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Website Theme Reset

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Due to the current theme not having working rank icons I have reset all member's themes to the previous theme "minecraft" which is what you all should be currently viewing.

If you do not like the current theme "minecraft", you can go back to the "MCSchematics" theme by following these steps

  • Profile
  • Hover over the 'Modify Profile' tab on the top and select 'Look and Layout'
  • The first option to alter is your website theme labeled as such "Current Theme:" then to the right it will display the name of your current theme (Should be "minecraf

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Sanctuary of Admys

The Sanctuary of Admys is an elvish styled building in a jungle. It is completely accessible and has a great look to it. The entrances are located at the bottom of the four pillars, they're slightly hidden from sight.

*tip* paste this schematic in a jungle biome, it will look a lot better.

Please rate or give me feedback, I really appreciate it!

I'm also open for any requests to build structures on your server. Just send me a message!

Enjoy the Sanctuary of Admys!

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Summerset Castle

Summerset Castle
Summerset Castle is a completely accessible castle with 2 storied walls, 3 storied towers and a 2 storied mansion. The mansion lacks furnishing at the moment, so feel free to do with it as you please.

Please share with friends and give me some feedback, i really appreciate it!

I'm also open for any request

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