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Author Topic: My new minecraft spaceship The Magister Mundi with the basic schematic  (Read 3950 times)

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Offline SIar

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My new minecraft spaceship made with binvox and mcedit

The schematic is the ship before i added any mods to it or cosmetic details so feel free to make it anyway you like :)

Offline m0erk

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that looks great! I like the drives, looks powerfull^^ I think its all or mostly made with binvox, but I think you will add some really nice technniques in there, that what you have done there yet, is awesome, the tower is really coo, love it, and this torpedos are , yeah kinda nuke like^^
Only a day with Minecraft is a good day:)

Offline SIar

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my hobby in minecraft at the moment consists off designing and creating new techniques and mechanism to make ships more then pretty sculptures so if you need help with any type of system on your executor just tell me and ill try to make it, except for tractor beams those damn things have been giving me a headache for some time and i still haven't been able to create one the way i want it

Offline loudwhitenoise

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Looks pretty good :diamond:
but just a friendly FYI you posted it it the wrong section... Instead of " Show and Tell Images & Videos" it should be in " Minecraft Schematics [Published] Binvox Creations" :) .

Keep on Minecrafting! hope to see what else you come up with.
Also, whats that texture pack?
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