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Author Topic: MCedit information (How to open .schematic files What is Mcedit etc. etc. etc..)  (Read 73573 times)

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I've seen the question come up a few times now that people are asking what do they open .schematic files with.  So here's the sticky with the information:

MCedit Homepage:

MCEdit is a versatile map utility, designed for moving blocks from one level to another.

  • With it, you can open a level of nearly any type and fly around in glorious 3D with multiple levels of detail!
  • Select millions of blocks and clone them anywhere else in the level.
  • Fill a boxy selection with the block of your choice, or replace one kind of block with another.
  • Export blocks to a "schematic" file for later use.
  • Import a schematic or an entire level into any world using the crane.
  • Move the player or his spawn point.
  • Create and and remove chunks from the world.
  • Fill blackened areas with light. Find bugs!
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How do you Fill blackened areas with light ?
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How do you Fill blackened areas with light ?

Select the area you want to light (does not need to include height)
Then select the Chunk tool (last one in the toolbar)
Select Relight option

EDIT:  Also when you save the world (CTRL-S) it automatically relights everything.

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Offline dragonmoon05

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I downloaded a big map, i cant open it on MCEdit, what can i do?

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It probably is too big! or maybe it isn't a .schematic, so make sure and add a .schematic to the end of the file name before you open it!
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Where do I put my .Schematic files? I put them into my schematics folder but they don't show up when I try to import. Please help!


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Where do I put my .Schematic files? I put them into my schematics folder but they don't show up when I try to import. Please help!

 You can put them in any folder, if you cannot find your schematic files, search your documents for MCEdit.