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Author Topic: How to Put a schematic file into your minecraft world  (Read 16228 times)

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How to Put a schematic file into your minecraft world
« on: August 22, 2012, 08:39:13 AM »
A .schematic is a file of premade items/blocks to add to your minecraft world save file to add them to your save file Do these steps: a program called MCedit~heres a link it.
3.Click Load/open world\
4. now it should have brought you up to the last view of your character.right click and use WASD keys to move the camera around along with the mouse to move your view. 'import' on the bottom tray it looks kind of like a crane.
6. locate your saved .schematic file. open place your schematic where you want ?(note:you can still right click to move if you need to reposition.){Note2.THE GREEN BOX IS THE SPACE IT WILL TAKE UP SO DON'T PLACE IT IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR PRIZED POSSESION unless none of the green box covers anything you built.}
9.once you have placed it press 'enter'
10 finally Hold the keys 'CTRL' then 'S'
Voila! you have a schematic/building/statue factory etc. in your minecraft world!
if you were wondering yes you can close mcedit after using CTRL+S to save.
well,enjoy the life of schematics!       
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