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Thanks for stopping by, home to over 10,000 schematics!

After choosing some schematics to download from our wide variety of schematics available to you, please feel free to enlarge this collection by including your own builds, be it complete ones or simply parts or pieces of a larger build that never came to fruition. Who knows? Maybe your schematic(s) will at the top of the frontpage for the whole world to see.
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Have you tried to create your own Rollercoaster with the minecarts in Minecraft?

Maybe you need some ideas to get you going?

Head on over to the Amusement Park section of to find some great roller coaster rides.
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This is a Japanese styled palace. It is made from red wool,  black wool, wood, stone slabs.
It has "minimal" furnishings relative to the servants, Emperor and Emperor's family.
There are magnificent gardens either side with spanning "SuperSnake" pools.

Use: Nagareru Texture pack (16x)
(Pink tree colour varies based on tree)

Width: 204 blocks
Going to keep this short ^.^
This is a pretty large Castle/Fort.
You're more than welcome to use it for your Minecraft Servers:)
I left the place empty so you could fill it with what you like.

DOWNLOAD: Schematic attached below (CB)


This project is based on Blenheim Palace in UK. The build includes palace gardens and colonnade, which appears on original blueprints, but wasn't built in the end. It's built in 1:1 and takes an area of about 270x200 blocks.

There are some minor modifications to the project, especially in palace wings and colonnade. Also the whole build is surrounded by a anti-mob wall, since it was built on survival server :)

27 Jan 2012 - Mineways

I have a bit of news for you that many of your readers should love: people can now easily make 3D printouts of their Minecraft models. I wrote a free, open-source program called Mineways that helps them, the website (with photos of some results) is here. The key thing is: you don't need a 3D printer, you can easily upload your model to a 3D print firm. It's also surprisingly cheap for smaller models, e.g. $7.50 for a 2-inch-tall piece of pixel art. For more examples of models that have been printed, see the Flickr pool.

Large models can be expensive, but the pixel-art makers in particular should find their creations affordable. For example, I grabbed the model from this site and put it up for sale here (at no profit to me - this was just an experiment). It's easy to do, especially for pixel art (which has no weird geometry problems, usually), just see the tutorials on my site.

Anyway, of all the Minecrafters out there, I think people making schematics have both the strong interest and knowledge & skills to best take advantage of 3D printing.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you can pass on the word. I'm not making any money on this project, it's just a fun thing to do (just like Minecraft).


More information in this topic:

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For those of you who have been following my posts, I finally finished my 1.2.3 super structure. I call it
The Battle Sphere Temple!!!

It took a long time to make but it was worth it. I designed it actually for a server because we needed a new exclusive spawn city.

While I do not mind People using my work, I do request that you ask me before placing it in a multiplayer server.

Anyways, the dimensions are 187x187x116
It is big.

I hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think!
Thanks and enjoy!

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This is a city of huge proportions and is the biggest we have every build me and 1 other frind have worked on it for  about a month now and we are just letting everyone know it will be ready soon hopefully. we still have the walls to do and the throne room banquet hall and barracks. We are hoping to get this finished as soon as we can in the meantime the vid below is it so far... sorry if the video is bad quality it was done on my laptop...

 :mobcreeper: You can also check my channel here to see other videos/ schematics and check for any city updates as they may be here first... or  :mobcreeper:

So I have come to the final stage of the release.

All decks are complete

Just to finish off the tanktop deck, which is the deck with the boilers and engines.
Relocate the windows and then one last run through on signs for main rooms and stair well directions.

She looks amazing.

Major work on texture modification, found a titanic with a good idea and thought i could play with it a bit.
the grand stair case was redone with a similar floor texturing used on the actual ship.
Also got carpet on the elevators, so it all ties together.

Let me know wat you think.

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Hi all,

Here's MHS number seven. I thought there are more open posts in my town so far as inhabitants . So I made an appartment complex. Well, 'condominium sounds better together with 'vivaldi'.

It's called Vivaldi condominium because I was listening to vivaldi's '4 seasons' while planning my build. That for the 'automn-like' colors too.

43 appartments of various sizes on 5 storys. 10 hours alone to light them all decently..

It may not look like, but it's the most complex structure
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