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Thanks for stopping by, home to over 10,000 schematics!

After choosing some schematics to download from our wide variety of schematics available to you, please feel free to enlarge this collection by including your own builds, be it complete ones or simply parts or pieces of a larger build that never came to fruition. Who knows? Maybe your schematic(s) will at the top of the frontpage for the whole world to see.
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Asian City Buildings Pack!!
A large collection of Asian buildings to help you design your own city like the one below!
This was built using buildings from the pack and others, you too can now have a detailed Asian city with little effort
These are some buildings i have built for survival spawns on Lebroncraft. You will find 10 Asian themed buildings in this schematic. Just stand in

12 Nov 2014 - Legendary Pillar

Legendary Pillar

For any that might of missed it we bring to you 'Legendary Pillar'. Built by Lebroncraft,  it is a huge hub build designed to be used for any need you have. There are multiple areas for you to customize to suit your server and comes with several parkours of varying difficulty and hidden areas and easter eggs for players to find. We hope you enjoy and are open to any suggestions and feedback that you might have!! 

11 Nov 2014 - New Ownership!

We Are Back!!!
After some time and a little difficulty managing the sale and transfer of the site, we are very happy to be back online. We would like to apologize for any downtime involved in the transition and thank you for your patience.

Mcschematics is now owned by,  a beta minecraft server with an accomplished build team that works on their server. As such we will be bringing you a lot more new content to download and we will be working hard to bring you high quality builds on a regular basis to enjoy on your server! We also will be holding regular build competition

My server has been updated to 1.8, and is now public. I've created a brand new, MUCH larger WorldPainted map for this project. There's no whitelist or sign up, all access!

Server IP:



Crosswinds features a wide variety of simple plugins. We don't have the overused ones like MCMMO, Towny and Factions, instead, I have combined plugins to create a very unique Experience!

ProtectionStones and LWC

A very simple method to create towns with friends, create your own work in peace, or battle for territory! Protecting your stuff is as simple as placing a blo

Author's Notes, Please Read
Upload Completion: 100%, I hope everyone can learn from this tutorial and is willing to give me some feedback on what they would like to see added or explained more
This tutorial is 27134 characters long (including spaces) so it exceeds the character limit of a post so thats why there are 2 posts of this tutorial
Every topic is listed as one of the buttons/features in McEdit ranging from obtaining the program to importing a schematic you'll find the majority of base knowledge for this program in this Tutorial. If you believe that something else should be added do comment and I'll have

18 May 2014 - Belgian Chateau

This is our latest project. It is loosely based on an existing castle located in Celles, Belgium. The castle is entirely furnished in 19th centuary style, it contains 2 floors, an attic and a basement with many rooms that have different content like a: library, dining hall, winery, living quarters,bedrooms,pool room,and  many secret rooms. Every bit of interior space is used with purpose.

We made this chateau using High Rossferry texture pack, so for best experince browse it with this TP. ( Every part was made with great care of detail and sense. The schematic is 300W x 222L x 94H (from basement to top tower). This project was put on hold for a long time, but now we d
Kingdom of Avalon

Map (Very Crappy and Temporary):
Click to enlarge

 :diamond: A full sized medieval city with a long list of functional main and recognizable buildings along with every day houses
 :diamond: About 650 blocks wide and 300 blocks long
 :diamond: Large scale sewer system almost as large as the whole city
 :diamond: In conjunction with the sewers, there is a system of underground secret tunnels that lead to different lo

Awarded the Builder award for a building schematic of excellence

Heya all

For the past few weeks I've been working on renovating and remaking one of my first schematics I uploaded to this site.

The Cathedral is ready for use and not just a shell on the inside which is always nice!

Anyway I'll let the screenshots show you.
Hope you all like it and find a good use for it if you choose to download it.

[img width=64
The Entire Collection of My plane schematics in one place.
I have put together a Archive of all my Plane and Helicopter Schematics for the enjoyment of the community to look back on some of my work that they may or may not have seen before, (and boy it took a while.)
This Archive will be updated When/If more are made.

The Large Planes/Helicopters
The F-16 Lockheed Fighter Jet -
The F-16 Lockheed Fighter Jet V2. Redstone Edition -
The F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet -

24 Dec 2012 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays.

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