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Title: General Account Help
Post by: Scaget on May 03, 2016, 09:58:26 PM
Hello everyone, this is going to be a thread where if you have any questions  about your accounts, you can ask them here.

Examples of things I can do:
Account deletion is simple; just post here that you want your account deleted and the process will begin :)

For account reclamation I need the account you're trying to access (username and or Email) along with a current email I can send proof of ownership questions. If you're correct for the questions I'll reassign a password and the email to the email you gave me. If not then you'll have to make a new account sorry :/

As for account activation if your account hasn't been activated for an extended period of time please report this thread for moderation with your request and the info you used when making the account (only username and email) if there isn't a strong reason why you are blocked from activating an account (i.e spammer) then I will do it for you

When you are not logged in, you are in 'guest' mode. When you are in guest mode I cannot see who you are unless you tell me. Therefore, it is imperative that you include who you are in your report or else I wont have a clue who is asking for help

If any of you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to ask below